A blanket for Chris Fearne

2024-07-16T08:19:33+02:00Tue, 16th Jul '24, 08:19|

Chris Fearne demanded Parliament protect him. Parliament agreed. Let’s try to understand the meaning of this ritual, starting with the facts. Last June, Carmen Ciantar resigned from her top job at the agency that delivers government projects in the health sector. Carmen Ciantar was Chris Fearne's close political collaborator. He was the one to appoint [...]

The tiger that bit Fearne

2024-07-05T13:03:55+02:00Fri, 5th Jul '24, 13:03|

For years Chris Fearne climbed on the back of the tiger hoping it would carry him to the top. He is now amazed it turned on him and ate his legs. Corruption works like any other form of organised crime: it hurts two types of victims. There are people who try to be friendly with [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The millionaire oompah bands

2024-07-01T12:53:59+02:00Mon, 1st Jul '24, 12:53|

From my article in yesterday's The Sunday Times. "Ministers quite literally purchased prime real estate, proper palaces in major town and village cores and – also quite literally – gifted that formerly private property to committees of associations of fans of a very specific genre of music. That’s very generous, no doubt. But is it [...]

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