Express yourself! started out as the space for my blogs whether of original material I write for the site or links to my articles in mainstream media, mainly The Sunday Times.

Readership has grown and perhaps it is time to broaden the scope of the website somewhat. Several points of view are more interesting than just the one. This is therefore an open invitation to all those who feel they have something to say to make a positive contribution to the debate.

There continues to be an open door for people to add, agree or disagree to anything I write in the comments slots beneath each article.

But you might want to dig deeper and provide readers of this website with an alternative perspective.

I am only too happy to receive your texts and to publish them and attribute them as you choose -either named or under a pseudonym.

There are however some conditions:

Guest posts will not be published under a pseudonym unless the author is known to me. The wish for anonymity will be fully respected.

Guest Posts should be  generally consonant with the spirit of, namely based on a reasoned approach, and devoid of aggression and confrontational stances.

Controversy in and between ideas is welcome, but not between people.

Email me your contributions at [email protected] or contact me with any questions here.

Looking forward to hearing from you! Unless you say what’s on your mind, nobody else will say it for you.