Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation and Repubblika launch ‘class action suit’ over Dataleak scandal

2020-04-03T21:57:47+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 20:01|

Civil society organisations Repubblika and The Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation are together launching a legal initiative so that those persons whose personal data was revealed through the data leak  from the servers of the company C-Planet Solutions Limited may obtain justice. This database contained personal information regarding anyone who had the right to vote in [...]

Labour Deputy Leader left politics without resigning

2020-04-03T13:50:58+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 13:50|

Lockdown came early for Labour Party deputy leader Chris Cardona who has not been seen in any political engagement since the resignation of Joseph Muscat and the appointment of a new cabinet by Robert Abela. Along with Konrad Mizzi – another senior player in Joseph Muscat’s cabinet – and of course Joseph Muscat himself, Chris [...]


2020-04-03T13:17:59+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 13:17|

The initiative of the Bishop of Gozo to raise funds for a ventilator in Gozo is of course commendable. This crisis requires a national effort and though the government must lead, we should all pitch in to the best of our ability. There is nothing wrong with charity and private initiative as long as they [...]

Ban if you must. But only if you must.

2020-04-03T12:22:22+02:00Fri, 3rd Apr '20, 12:22|

I don’t approve of hunting. And I don’t like guns. Call me a lily-livered pacifist but I don’t think I could survive squeezing a trigger whatever I’d be aiming at and I don’t think there’s much that drives me into worse irrational over-reaction than the sight of children using toy guns. I admit it’s irrational [...]

Personal data leak: another piece of evidence that the Labour Party illegally harvests data to manipulate voters

2020-04-02T13:22:29+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 13:22|

The electoral commission has a database of voters which includes information that is not published in the government gazette when the electoral roll is released. The database matches names, addresses and ID numbers, with ballot boxes and polling stations. It is used to administer elections and includes information you would call very sensitive if you [...]

Smoke-filled room

2020-04-02T11:35:31+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 11:35|

A good thing happened in parliament yesterday. But it’s my job to point out what should have happened differently, what should have been better. I’m not here to applaud. Politicians have enough servile apologists without needing me. A resolution was moved jointly by the prime minister and the leader of opposition declaring that both sides [...]

GUEST POST: Locked in home but not locked out of rights

2020-04-02T10:26:25+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 10:26|

I’m publishing this piece by Annika Palome with reservations. Guest posts do not necessarily reflect my views but only of the guests. And I find myself in disagreement with some aspects of this particular post. But we’re living in strange times and stuck at home for days on end I too may have a warped [...]

GUEST POST: Bankrupt hospitals

2020-04-02T10:10:13+02:00Thu, 2nd Apr '20, 10:10|

The following is an analysis by auditor Godfrey Leone Ganado of the last available audited accounts of Steward Malta Limited that operates the concession running St Luke's, Karin Grech and Gozo General Hospital. These accounts refer to the year ending 31 December 2017. At 31 December 2017, the company was still operating under the name [...]

Owen Bonnici: the realisation of a metaphorical waste of space

2020-04-01T13:32:46+02:00Wed, 1st Apr '20, 13:31|

Stay home. Don’t make unnecessary trips. Don’t stretch the national health service by having meetings you can have from home. That applies to everyone, except Owen Bonnici apparently, who has been throwing himself at every photo opportunity imaginable like his life depended on it. Today he dragged the education ministry’s permanent secretary (not too terribly [...]

Leaked voter data was ‘controlled’ by firm advising parliamentary secretary

2020-04-01T13:17:53+02:00Wed, 1st Apr '20, 13:17|

A major data leak uncovered by an online data monitor leaked the names, addresses and telephone numbers of 340,000 Maltese voters. The secretary of the company responsible for the data leak C-Planet IT Solutions is Joseph Zrinzo, a close relative of parliamentary secretary Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi. Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi’s law firm SZA Advocates is promoted [...]

Repubblika: Our campaign for judicial independence is starting to pay off

2020-04-01T11:11:49+02:00Wed, 1st Apr '20, 11:11|

Statement by Repubblika Repubblika expresses its sincere best wishes to Judge Mark Chetcuti that has been nominated to the post of chief justice and president of Malta’s court following an agreement between the government and the parliamentary opposition. Judge Mark Chetcuti heard Repubblika’s arguments on judicial independence. We argued that judges should not be appointed [...]

Edward Scicluna’s bullshit

2020-03-31T10:57:10+02:00Tue, 31st Mar '20, 10:57|

Because that’s the only way to call it. He was being interviewed by Times of Malta and he rubbished calls – led by the PN – for a cut in energy tariffs to ease the pressure on families and businesses hurt by the coronavirus slow down or shut down. Here’s the Q&A: There have been [...]

Robert Abela’s positioning

2020-03-31T10:00:43+02:00Tue, 31st Mar '20, 10:00|

Robert Abela understands as well as anybody that when this pestilence runs itself out we are all going to be poorer than we were when it first hit us. Like all cataclysms more of us will be acutely aware of the weaknesses that many could ignore in times of plenty. More people will appreciate the [...]

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Repubblika’s Facebook Live on the healthcare scandal

2020-03-31T09:21:06+02:00Tue, 31st Mar '20, 09:21|

Repubblika yesterday launched a series of Facebook Live programs hosted by Norman Vella. Yesterday's show discussed the hospitals privatisation scandal also in the light of recent revelations that Konrad Mizzi signed an amendment to Steward Health Care's contract that sees them paid €100 million if they're removed from the contract because of their own default. [...]

GUEST POST: A question or six for you

2020-03-30T14:28:03+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 14:28|

Far be it from me to distract Minister Fearne from his duties at this time. He can answer for his part in all of this in the future, and his part was anyway relatively minimal, in the circumstances, he was just another minister nodding when Joseph Muscat said jump. There are plenty of ministers who [...]

Steward Health Care threatens to close Pennsylvania hospital if it does not get more government money

2020-03-30T11:18:10+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 11:18|

The worldwide coronavirus crisis did not moderate Steward Health Care’s tough bargaining as it threatened the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania last Friday with the “immediate” shut down of its Easton Hospital in the state’s Lehigh Valley if the government did not agree to pay them $40 million in emergency funds. The closure of Easton Hospital which [...]

A hundred million self-inflicted lashes

2020-03-30T23:09:19+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 10:41|

I was sincerely hoping someone would deny yesterday’s MaltaToday story that the government would have to fork out a €100 million penalty if the Steward contract is terminated for any reason including Steward’s fault. It should, by any standard, be absurd to have this in a contract. It is more stupid than giving a pound [...]

Why so silent? (2)

2020-03-30T09:52:02+02:00Mon, 30th Mar '20, 09:50|

You'd be forgiven if you forgot that it was the PN who first asked the auditor general to investigate alleged irregularities in the award of the prime site in St George's Bay to the dB group. When Simon Busuttil, then PN leader, asked for that report, the irregularities were still "alleged". Now they've been established [...]