Hopeless Professor

2023-06-23T13:45:42+02:00Fri, 23rd Jun '23, 13:45|

Predictably Simon Mercieca responded to my article where among other things I said he works for Yorgen Fenech. I also said in that article that Simon Mercieca denies working for Yorgen Fenech. He denies it again, this time in an article headlined “If Manuel Delia is convinced that Yorgen Fenech pays me, he can always [...]

Justified whataboutery

2023-06-23T08:06:42+02:00Fri, 23rd Jun '23, 08:06|

Photo: REUTERS/Gianni Mania There’s hardly more welcome feedback than when I’m told that I have found the words someone is looking for to express an opinion they might feel in their gut but haven’t elaborated enough to mouth it. Reading comments on social media during the televised and vain search for five passengers [...]

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