I couldn’t disagree more

2023-08-17T12:58:01+02:00Thu, 17th Aug '23, 12:58|

This comment was placed by M. Spiteri in response to my comments this morning on Arnold Cassola’s article. Read the original article and my first commentary for context. Hi Manuel. I've read the said article on the TOM. If I am correct, it's stated that the whistle blower spilled the beans AFTER he was denied [...]

Exile the honest

2023-08-17T09:21:19+02:00Thu, 17th Aug '23, 09:21|

I have no way of fact checking the claims made by Arnold Cassola in his Times of Malta article. I am going to assume, for the purposes of this commentary, that all the facts he claims are accurate. The claims briefly: an unnamed individual, identified as Aziz, was born in a refugee camp in Palestine. [...]

Classic Owen Bonnici Chaos

2023-08-17T08:43:40+02:00Thu, 17th Aug '23, 08:43|

The appointment of Norma Saliba as CEO of a new entity called the Centre for the Maltese Language was transparently done to accommodate a loyalist. As many others, I wrote about this recently. It’s indeed a corrupt country that sets up a government entity just to create a job for a crony. But that’s not [...]

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