L’État, c’est moi

2023-08-28T10:57:49+02:00Mon, 28th Aug '23, 10:57|

It shouldn’t have surprised anyone that Johann Grech addressed the nation a few days ago and used Joseph Muscat’s and Robert Abela’s rhetoric that anyone criticising government policy is “attacking Malta”. Johann Grech is a veteran propagandist of the Labour Party. Just because he’s in photos with famous actors who are effectively paid out of [...]

It’s the little things

2023-08-28T10:21:45+02:00Mon, 28th Aug '23, 10:21|

A public sector teacher was told by her bosses she would get an extra allowance if she got herself another university qualification. The state (and other employers, incidentally) give their staff incentives to go to school and learn something new. Our case is about a secondary school Maltese language teacher who got herself certified as [...]

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