Is Norma Saliba just very lucky?

2023-08-14T09:07:35+02:00Mon, 14th Aug '23, 09:07|

Except perhaps as a government agent on national TV news, Norma Saliba hasn’t been particularly successful in her last job. No one remembers a single piece of journalistic work that she can be even in part credited for. TVM News under her stewardship lost several impartiality complaints and won close to no awards for the [...]

Dumb City

2023-08-14T08:17:04+02:00Mon, 14th Aug '23, 08:17|

In today’s Malta Independent Alfred Sant reluctantly acknowledges that “negative thinking” is, on balance, a good thing. He says that critics of the government who point out what they think is wrong without constructively presenting alternatives are boring and tedious. But none of that makes them useless. You need negative thinking because out of that [...]

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