16 December: Vigil for Truth and Justice

2018-12-04T15:30:48+00:00Mon, 3rd Dec '18, 09:00|

We never doubted Daphne Caruana Galizia’s investigative skills. 14 months since her assassination, more and more evidence, proving her right, is emerging. Yet, 14 months on, it seems that the authorities are reluctant to go after the masterminds of her murder. And, to date, in the past 14 months, the memorial protest site has been [...]

This is no democracy

2018-12-16T09:45:19+00:00Sun, 16th Dec '18, 09:45|

I looked up this piece I remembered writing, one of quite a few in the hours after Daphne Caruana Galizia was killed last year. I did that because the heading — her words, not mine — is always stuck in my mind when I look at the reality around me. Tomorrow the Venice Commission will [...]

Why the shit holes speak

2018-12-16T09:57:44+00:00Sun, 16th Dec '18, 08:34|

The people the government calls biased asshole — or shit holes, depending on the mood — cannot objectively understand why the government refuses to open an independent inquiry into the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. Labour trolls repeat the mantra that three people are awaiting trial in connection to her murder. That’s more than Karin [...]

#Reżistenza: Corruption Kills

2018-12-15T08:24:39+00:00Sat, 15th Dec '18, 08:19|

Statement by #Reżistenza:   Malta is infested with corruption All Maltese agree that corruption affects each and every aspect of the social and administrative life of our country, but few condemn it and strive to stop this abuse. On the contrary, many hold that corruption is a catalyst for economic well-being and prosperity for all. [...]

Poor Konrad. His rights are breached.

2018-12-14T18:10:00+00:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 18:10|

Konrad Mizzi thinks his human rights are breached. Now we’ll get the usual non sequitur that he too is a citizen and has as much right to resort to the courts as anyone else. That was his line and the line of his Panama gang colleagues when they appealed a lower court decision to start [...]

The warning from Venice

2018-12-14T17:20:29+00:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 17:20|

The press is reporting the findings of the Venice Commission into the state of play in Malta and it is also reporting, as it expected to do, the government’s reactions to it. The facile answer from the government is that most of the problems listed by the Commission are in the design of our legal [...]

Trolls made flesh

2018-12-14T09:26:06+00:00Fri, 14th Dec '18, 09:26|

I had to sleep over what happened yesterday because I handled it less well than she does. That woman shouting and swearing on that video was shouting and swearing at my wife, Clemence, who was in Valletta with her son shopping for my Christmas present. She stopped in front of the Memorial for a chat [...]

Activists physically assaulted in Republic Street today

2018-12-13T15:38:40+00:00Thu, 13th Dec '18, 15:38|

Repubblika statement: This afternoon, a number of people gathered in front of the Great Siege Memorial shouting and threatening a number of activists conducting a peaceful protest by laying flowers and candles in front of the Memorial. At one point two persons assaulted one of those that was protesting, flung her phone out of her [...]

Because he hates candles

2018-12-11T17:44:14+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 17:44|

The minions came a number of times to the Great Siege Memorial today to clear out what they call rubbish. This was just sent in by Marion and Joe Pace Asciak who have just placed one defiant light to flicker in the cerebral darkness that we're swamped in. "We want to defy the prime minister," [...]

Malta Gay Rights Movement among organisations demanding Sandro Mangion apologise to human rights advocate he called an “asshole”

2018-12-11T17:27:08+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 17:27|

The Platform of the Human Rights Organisations in Malta, that includes the Malta Gay Rights Movement, the Malta Humanist Association, YMCA Homeless, Aditus Foundation and KSU joined international NGOs in their condemnation of Sandro Mangion's abuse of a human rights advocate at a UN meeting. Local NGOs were joined by the European Centre for Press [...]

But seriously now, where’s Neville Gafa’?

2018-12-11T17:10:53+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 17:10|

So Chris Fearne fired him. Then Joseph Muscat said he’s doing good work and he’s only been transferred. Claudette Buttigieg asked three Ministers in Parliament today whether Neville Gafa’ works for any of them: Chris Fearne? Nope. Carmelo Abela? Uh-uh. Joseph Muscat? Nix. Fair enough that we may have a different appraisal than Joseph Muscat [...]


2018-12-11T11:01:30+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 10:49|

Outwardly we see almost nothing of the indoor drama within the Labour Party. But sometimes we do get signs. Labour Party grandees are lining up to beg Joseph Muscat to forego his innate humility and stay on as party leader and prime minister. Alfred Sant joined that particular fray now. The scene is as contrived [...]

Darker days ahead: Sparkasse bans non-euro transactions for payment service providers

2018-12-11T09:59:25+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 09:59|

Banks in Malta are managing the high risk of providing services to Malta-based companies by tightening restrictions on business to avoid getting caught out with clients using them for money laundering activities. This is reaching a point where conducting international business in Malta is becoming more expensive and eating into the thin competitive edge Malta [...]

Probably a vampire

2018-12-11T10:12:28+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 09:31|

Sometimes, even Joseph Muscat lets his guard down. Consider this interview he gave Super 1 about happy family life now the Muscats can celebrate Christmas without the children worrying unduly their parents are sent to prison. Looks like all the tears have dried. Instead Joseph Muscat says The Big Issue at the Muscat household now [...]


2018-12-11T08:37:33+00:00Tue, 11th Dec '18, 08:37|

It’s not enough for government officials to harass journalists and civil rights protesters in Malta. Now they are bullying representatives of international NGOs at United Nations meetings as well. Carmelo Abela’s right-hand man, Sandro Mangion, barked at PEN International lobbyist Sarah Clarke calling her a “biased asshole”. This fine representative of diplomatic courtesy was bullying [...]

Matthew Carbone. Beyond Bizarre.

2018-12-10T18:04:09+00:00Mon, 10th Dec '18, 18:04|

At one point during his testimony of today, Matthew Carbone recalled a conversation from last June that he had with Keith Schembri when they shared their disdain for how the level of Maltese politics was being brought down. With all that’s going on, it may seem strange that one should be struck by this of [...]

Vincent De Gaetano on the Rule of Law: Read the speech here

2018-12-10T10:44:27+00:00Mon, 10th Dec '18, 07:51|

Judge Vincent De Gaetano on Friday spoke at an event hosted by the President marking the 70th anniversary of the universal declaration of human rights. Vincent De Gaetano worked at the office of the Attorney General for sixteen years, was a judge for another sixteen years, eight of them as Chief Justice and has sat [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Anti-corruption day

2018-12-09T08:26:01+00:00Sun, 9th Dec '18, 08:26|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Today is anti-corruption day. Yes, really. I know that every day should be anti-corruption day. But December 9 has been designated anti-corruption day by the UN, which creates special observances to promote international awareness and action on certain issues. "Broadly speaking these awareness days are ignored here. [...]