Another lawyer on poorly drafted laws

2017-07-09T21:50:03+02:00Thu, 6th Jul '17, 16:00|

Justin Borg Barthet a few days ago wrote a guest post on this website criticising the quality of the drafting of the Marriage Equality law approved through its second reading by Parliament yesterday.He did not discuss the merits of whether marriage equality was right or wrong. (Like me he is a supporter of the notion). He [...]

Politics of good sense

2017-07-14T14:55:13+02:00Thu, 6th Jul '17, 13:45|

Joseph Muscat lays traps because that is how he plays his games. But that doesn’t mean the PN will fall for them. It was a very disappointed prime minister yesterday who stood up to face an Opposition that proved to be not quite as gullible as he thought they would be. It is clear the [...]

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