WATCH: Smart Labour

2017-07-14T14:52:23+02:00Wed, 12th Jul '17, 16:06|

My successor as government-appointed Director of SmartCity Malta is Keith Schembri, the man at the centre of this government and at the centre of its worst corrupt excesses. He took over from me as Director in 2013. The brief I was given when I was appointed Director by the Gonzi administration in 2008 was to [...]

Still Smart?

2017-07-12T09:06:12+02:00Wed, 12th Jul '17, 09:06|

The SmartCity developers are seeking approval to change the Master Plan approved in 2007 on which the whole development is supposed to be based. They are looking to get approval for denser residential development with taller buildings abutting the shoreline. I am not going to make an environmental argument. For one I should expect many [...]

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