The Ringmaster

2017-07-09T21:49:54+02:00Mon, 3rd Jul '17, 01:59|

It is a month to the day since the last election and it feels like it could have been years.The ability of Joseph Muscat to determine and manipulate the national agenda has been proven less by his confirmation at the polls and more by how he has again managed to dip the PN’s tail in [...]

No such thing as a barred vote

2017-07-09T21:49:55+02:00Sat, 1st Jul '17, 18:06|

Precisely as Joseph Muscat intended it to be, the gender equality vote is proving to be a dusty hairball in the PN parliamentary group’s collective throat. This sort of thing tends to happen with weak leadership. Right now the PN is led by a lame duck with its guts flowing out of its mid-action seppuku. [...]

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