Needs must

2023-07-03T12:21:53+02:00Mon, 3rd Jul '23, 12:21|

Photo: Matthew Mirabelli/AFP  I have decided to file a libel suit against Simon Mercieca. On his blog he folded into a smattering of half-truths a bunch of lies about my time as a government employee before the 2013 general elections. I have never, before now, had to defend myself from accusations of corruption, [...]

Decline and fall

2023-07-03T09:20:21+02:00Mon, 3rd Jul '23, 09:20|

The putrefaction of Labour 2013 stifles the air. These would be heady days of excitement for the promise of change for the better if such a promise existed. It doesn’t. For better or worse there is little to look forward to. What happens after the fall is in the mist. What is happening now, before [...]

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