Commission finds slow progress in Malta’s rule of law; no concrete results

2023-07-05T13:04:18+02:00Wed, 5th Jul '23, 13:04|

The European Commission’s rule of law report on Malta finds very slow progress on its recommendations for reform. It is especially scathing on the government’s failure the improve the working environment of journalists. “While the media reform process launched following the publication of the report of the Daphne Caruana Galizia public inquiry is still ongoing, [...]

From the comfort of an airconditioned room

2023-07-05T09:29:44+02:00Wed, 5th Jul '23, 09:29|

They don’t make racists like they used to anymore. In the good old days, home-grown, genuine article racists wouldn’t mince words about their prejudice, and would justify to anyone prepared to listen and to anyone not prepared to listen, their cruelty and their willingness to discriminate with what they seemed to genuinely believe was their [...]

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