Man the ramparts, light the beacons, dust off the uniforms and beat our ploughshares back into swords. Malta is under attack!

Or so our exalted Film Commissioner Johann Grech would have us believe. His reasoning is based on the fact that taxpayers are objecting to how their money is being spent to support the production of foreign films in Malta.

At a time when a European country, Ukraine, is under constant attack with innocent civilians dying every day and fighting for its very existence, Grech’s words not only ring hollow but are in extreme bad taste. Not that any better can be expected from someone of his mediocrity who lives in a world where spending other people’s money in an effort to feel important is the ultimate entertainment.

You see, while our country is not under attack, some other things are.

The veil of secrecy drawn over the millions being spent on dubious events with no clear return on investment beyond a few celebrity pictures for the scrapbooks of various political appointees and politicians.

The empty excuses that the publication of such information will have catastrophic consequences on investment or compromise data protection obligations.

The flagrant overspending by the Malta Film Commission to subsidise the production of films and hold events.

The arrogance of Grech in referring to hardworking taxpayers as his ‘brother and sisters’ in a pseudo-Socialist attempt to justify throwing their money down the drain in ever-increasing quantities.

All these things are, rightfully so, under attack from anyone with a shred of decency and moral character.

The pigs are panicking, someone wants to remove the trough!