Embezzling bananas

2023-12-04T08:31:34+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 08:31|

It is true that where people are involved the temptation of corruption is present and the possibility that it occurs is inescapable. It doesn’t get better if it’s more sophisticated. But it can be somehow worse if it is cheaply and brazenly done. A kickback on the back of some major public contract laundered through [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Speaking for the victims

2023-12-04T07:57:53+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 07:57|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday: "Never has the gap between the thinking of the government and the thinking of civil society about what to do with corruption been wider than it is now. We think about victims and how to alleviate the hardship they suffer because of the greed of the few [...]

1. Parliament above government

2023-12-04T07:53:43+01:00Mon, 4th Dec '23, 07:53|

This is a series of clips summarising our 20 proposals for a cleaner republic. They're co-produced with online news service Bonġu. Here's the first one. Given the time of year we're calling it an alternative Christmas calendar.

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