Despair is what they want for us

2023-12-18T10:42:40+01:00Mon, 18th Dec '23, 10:42|

I wrote a piece in The Sunday Times yesterday that suggested we think about Citizens Assemblies, a way some democratic jurisdictions (Ireland and Iceland are leading examples) have looked at to increase participation and citizen engagement. The reaction to the suggestion was, to be kind, cool. To begin with, this is not the first time [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Who prevents the president?

2023-12-18T07:17:39+01:00Mon, 18th Dec '23, 07:17|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday: "Citizens’ assemblies were tested in Ireland before the abortion referendum. Ordinary people were found to have legitimate views and were capable of informed opinions after hearing the evidence and the arguments. The process of letting ordinary people speak and participate in the decision brought national unity over [...]

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