Murder on the Malta Express

2024-02-02T08:31:48+01:00Fri, 2nd Feb '24, 08:31|

Yorgen Fenech’s trial has been delayed so that a report written by Europol investigators a few months after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder is entered into the records of the case. The defence has the right to all evidence, even, and especially if, it exculpates the accused. This report does no such thing. It makes a [...]

Muscat bought a pink Cadillac

2024-02-02T14:01:21+01:00Fri, 2nd Feb '24, 08:10|

The Maserati is just as boorish and just as obvious as the pink coupe Johnny Roastbeef bought his wife too soon after the Lufthansa heist in Goodfellas. Johnny, are you nuts?

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