THE SUNDAY TIMES: Threatening the courts

2024-02-25T09:10:15+01:00Sun, 25th Feb '24, 09:10|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Joseph Muscat thought he could saunter into a courtroom and get a judge to relieve the magistrate investigating him because he didn’t like the look of her. His case is not over yet. But his repeated attempts at shifting the goal posts in a game he’s realising [...]

GUEST POST: Ivory Towers

2024-02-25T09:07:05+01:00Sun, 25th Feb '24, 09:07|

‘Malta's hard-earned neutrality, which is a bedrock of our Constitution, was conceived first and foremost for dark times like these.’ These words can be found in an open letter sent to the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister in response to reports that Malta may be participating in the EU Naval Operation in the Red [...]

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