Who’s funnier?

2024-02-15T09:06:14+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '24, 09:06|

David Walliams is a funny guy. He’s a world class host, an accomplished artist and storyteller, a charismatic entertainer who, I have no doubt, is worth every penny he charges. But quite why Minister Clayton Bartolo thinks that the fact that Walliams hosted an awards show in Malta could convince a filmmaker to shoot in [...]

GUEST POST: Ego te absolvo

2024-02-15T09:04:21+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '24, 09:04|

Robert Abela has put on quite a few Edward Debono’ famed hats. He was a consultant to the world’s most corrupt prime minister, and he was the lawyer of several criminals who still adore him and spread his photo on their car bonnet. He is also an able yacht captain and navigator frequently sailing from [...]

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