Inconsistency abroad

2024-05-30T09:20:25+02:00Thu, 30th May '24, 09:20|

I wrote earlier about a speech Labour’s Randolph Debattista gave in Sofia extolling the virtues of a war against disinformation. Just three weeks ago Edward Zammit Lewis gave a speech in Luxembourg preaching about the sanctity of judicial independence to ensure the rule of law. That’s while his Labour Party leader was publicly assaulting a [...]

How times change

2024-05-30T09:10:59+02:00Thu, 30th May '24, 09:10|

Parliament issued a statement announcing that Malta has been admitted as an Associate Member of the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO. Two Maltese MPs are in Sofia for Malta’s first time attending the Assembly. Randolph De Battista, Labour Party CEO, was one of them and he spoke about “concrete action to fight disinformation and to attack [...]

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