THE SUNDAY TIMES: The Maltese mafia is here

2024-04-21T07:04:16+02:00Sun, 21st Apr '24, 07:04|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "There are three questions that must precede the inquiry whether Malta is a mafia state. Is the mafia real? Does the phenomenon exist in Malta? Has it infiltrated the Maltese State? Here’s why the answers are yes, yes and yes." Read the full article here.

MONEY MAGAZINE: Before the next economic model

2024-04-11T10:06:08+02:00Thu, 11th Apr '24, 10:06|

My article in this month's Money Magazine. It is almost dogmatic to say that politics cannot do much about the economy. Since the neo-con days of the 1980s, the generally accepted maxim is that the less politicians do, the better the economy is likely to fare. As the phrase “new economic model” is dropped ever [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: The president’s diary

2024-04-08T07:35:56+02:00Mon, 8th Apr '24, 07:35|

From my article in The Sunday Times this week: "George Vella couldn’t preside over a conversation that would examine the very values that brought him to that presidency. Not even if he wanted to. If he did want to, he would still have needed the willing participation of ministers, of political leaders, of leaders of [...]

Political interference

2024-04-02T15:45:55+02:00Tue, 2nd Apr '24, 15:45|

I disliked the news that the new company that took over Air Malta’s business removed the requirement that cabin crew must speak Maltese, although my reasons may be a bit different from the ones you’ve heard. I also thought the airline’s response that they didn’t need to speak Maltese because 80% of their passengers would [...]

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