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GUEST POST: Herd Immunity

2021-05-24T08:05:01+02:00Mon, 24th May '21, 08:05|

When a large majority of a community becomes immune to a disease, making the spread of disease from person to person unlikely, we use the expression “herd immunity”. The meaning I would like to give to this expression in this post is quite different. I feel that in our society, we have reached this level of herd [...]

GUEST POST: 19.3.2013 and after… lest we forget

2020-03-17T07:49:11+01:00Thu, 19th Mar '20, 07:40|

The 19th of March, for many of us Maltese, brings to mind the feast of St Joseph, even though unfortunately this year many are going to miss deeply the celebrations that we usually have in various parts of our island. The date itself shows that the episode I am referring to, happened barely a week [...]

GUEST POST: Are we really against corruption?

2019-04-13T11:05:55+02:00Sat, 13th Apr '19, 11:04|

I decided to write these few words after reading Vicki Ann Cremona’s article 'Error of Judgment' in yesterday’s Times of Malta. I also took note of the Facebook comment of Ms Mandy Carly, Kristie Debono’s sister, who seems to find it hard to accept the idea of freedom of speech.   I don’t think I [...]

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