Court report

2022-11-18T08:09:09+01:00Fri, 18th Nov '22, 08:09|

It was another busy day in court for Repubblika yesterday. We recently met a law professor for some advice and when we asked him if we could see him in court he told us that though it’s true his life is all about law he barely knows the inside of the court building. We told [...]

The man who missed it

2022-11-16T11:19:18+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 10:32|

Alfred Zammit, not the Mayor of Valletta but the little-known mandarin pottering away at the Financial Intelligence Agency, has risen to the top. It’s a place he’s been close to for many years, living through the organisation’s infancy and the coming and going of different directors. In between other directors he was ‘acting boss’, the [...]

Ian Borg canvasser is one of TM officials in video of beating

2022-11-16T09:42:45+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 09:42|

Rene Antonelli from former Transport Minister's constituency of Dingli is one of the TM officials seen beating a motorist in a video published yesterday by Lovin Malta of an incident that reportedly happened on 26 October. Antonelli was handpicked by Ian Borg to work in the enforcement unit of Transport Malta. Sources at the agency [...]

Institutional violence

2022-11-16T13:35:24+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 09:25|

Facts on the 26 October beating of a motorist by Transport Malta officers revealed yesterday when a video of the incident was published by Lovin Malta are still sparse. Except that we know it happened because we can see a film of it. Lovin Malta described the victim as “dark skinned”. Combined with the fact [...]

#occupyjustice: The spider’s web of corruption

2022-11-16T08:37:12+01:00Wed, 16th Nov '22, 08:37|

Statement by #occupyjustice: Last night, #occupyjustice activists set up an illuminated spider’s web outside Castille,  with some of the main protagonists of some of the worst corruption scandals that have been exposed over the past few years depicted as spiders. The visual is intended to communicate how a gang of corrupt individuals infiltrated [...]

Robert Abela must deny this or resign

2022-11-15T09:39:58+01:00Tue, 15th Nov '22, 09:38|

Cartoon by Steve Bonello, see: Mark Camilleri, author, former Labour Party activist and government official, wrote on his blog that Robert Abela rented his Żejtun property to a Russian oligarch suspected of paying a bribe to Keith Schembri when he was chief of staff to acquire a Maltese passport. A connection between [...]

Court order implemented: Nadine Lia replaced on Repubblika challenge on Pilatus police failures

2022-11-14T13:26:24+01:00Mon, 14th Nov '22, 13:26|

Two days from now a different magistrate will be hearing Repubblika’s arguments why Police Commissioner Angelo Gafà failed to act properly on evidence documented in a magistrate’s inquiry into Pilatus Bank. The new magistrate hearing the case is Claire Stafrace Zammit who replaces Nadine Lia who was removed from the case after the constitutional court [...]

Feeding cancer

2022-11-14T12:58:42+01:00Mon, 14th Nov '22, 09:49|

Let’s not reduce the absurdity of Charles Polidano iċ-Ċaqnu’s sense of entitlement to Orwellian ovine oversimplifications of PN good Labour bad. He is one of the best cases for the argument that our political and democratic system is compromised by its dependence on construction tycoons whether because political parties and candidates depend on their funding [...]

Where is protocol twelve hiding?

2022-11-11T10:45:19+01:00Fri, 11th Nov '22, 10:45|

Malta’s Constitution protects citizens from being discriminated against on grounds of race, place of origin, political opinions, colour, creed, sex, sexual orientation or gender identity. But Malta has signed up to an international law that obliges it to do more than that. Protocol 12 of the European Convention Act says that no one shall be [...]

Who’s going to take our side?

2022-11-11T09:18:45+01:00Fri, 11th Nov '22, 09:18|

There are times when we are moved to sympathise with the attorney general, the chief prosecutor of the land. Her job is to fight crime, never a pleasant task. The resources at her disposal are necessarily less than the resources in the hands of the criminals she’s supposed to nab. She pays public service salaries [...]

I wonder if the hunters see the funny side

2022-11-10T12:48:12+01:00Thu, 10th Nov '22, 12:48|

So, this is the evidence, such as it is, that the hunters have to back their argument that Miżieb was destined to be theirs. In 2011, when Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici had been out of government for 24 years, the former prime minister typed out a letter so the hunters could prove that it had been [...]


2022-11-10T12:38:27+01:00Thu, 10th Nov '22, 12:38|

I drove my daughter to school today because she needed to carry stuff that wouldn’t make sense on her daily school van. I’m a bad daddy when I’m driving my children, especially first thing in the morning. My thoughts wander and the children mostly give up on getting my attention long enough for anything like [...]

Public land is not in the gift of ministers

2022-11-09T13:29:43+01:00Wed, 9th Nov '22, 13:29|

Decisions handed down today by Judge Lawrence Mintoff are important for several reasons. The decisions are of course about the enjoyment of the Miżieb woodlands by people not carrying a weapon. Just because hunters have a strong lobby does not mean they have any right to privileges unavailable to others and whatever ministers promised them [...]

It’s time to toughen child rape laws

2022-11-09T12:42:11+01:00Wed, 9th Nov '22, 12:42|

An 11-year prison sentence was confirmed yesterday on a school bus driver who raped, twice, an 8-year-old girl entrusted to him to bring home from school. The violence occurred several years ago when the perpetrator was 24 years old. He threatened his victim, saying he would hurt her sister if she spoke out. On multiple [...]

Behind closed doors

2022-11-08T12:45:15+01:00Tue, 8th Nov '22, 12:45|

There was some anticipation for the court hearing today in the case brought by Repubblika challenging the attorney general for her decision not to prosecute Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad and other crooks at Pilatus Bank. There were many reasons for the anticipation. The procedure is unprecedented because it is the result of very recent changes [...]

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