Mind your language prime minister.

2020-01-15T23:08:42+01:00Wed, 15th Jan '20, 23:06|

The prime minister said on TV today he “was speaking the same language of Repubblika on good governance”. The only positive thing I can see in that statement is that the new government acknowledges the existence of Repubblika which is more than can be said for the government we had last week. Repubblika appears to [...]

Caruana Galizia family asks Council of Europe committee it still needs to watch Malta

2020-01-15T17:28:36+01:00Wed, 15th Jan '20, 16:18|

Matthew, Andrew and Paul Caruana Galizia have written to the Council of Europe’s monitoring committee that is following Malta after the Parliamentary Resolution from last year to urge them not to drop their guard just because the Labour Party changed the prime minister. Daphne’s sons reminded the committee that “Malta has so far largely ignored [...]

Mixed signals

2020-01-15T18:57:07+01:00Wed, 15th Jan '20, 16:04|

  We have a government with Joseph Muscat, Chris Cardona, Konrad Mizzi, Keith Schembri and Neville Gafà excluded from its ranks. Sure, they’re all lurking there somewhere but their status has been considerably reduced. In the meantime, Owen Bonnici is no longer justice minister and Michael Farrugia is no longer responsible for the police. These [...]

For the prime minister’s reading list

2020-01-15T11:05:23+01:00Wed, 15th Jan '20, 11:05|

The prime minister should use the time driving home from work tonight reading this piece from the World Politics Review. Its author is Nate Sibley, a research fellow at the Hudson Institute's Kleptocracy Initiative. This guy doesn't get his brief from David Casa. His bio says he co-wrote two Hudson Institute Reports and has been [...]

How can they sleep?

2020-01-15T09:53:35+01:00Wed, 15th Jan '20, 09:53|

The official story is Chris Cardona has turned down an offer to serve as minister because his economy portfolio has been taken away from him. This is not a million miles away from Neville Gafà “resigning”. Chris Cardona appears to have been kicked out of government and that is unlikely to be because he was [...]

The prime minister we never had

2020-01-16T11:08:34+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 18:12|

Simon Busuttil has this afternoon been appointed by EPP bigwigs as Secretary General of the European People’s Party. Bully for him. In June 2017 this country chose Joseph Muscat over him as prime minister. That was our loss. By ‘our’ I don’t mean the PN within which I felt entirely comfortable at the time. By [...]

Hey you pitiross, not so fast.

2020-01-14T14:44:14+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 14:44|

  It looks like there isn't going to be the sort of continuity that Neville Gafà fully expected for himself. The Times of Malta are reporting he "resigned" today. It's not likely that was in his plans. Just yesterday he was strutting like a peacock (maybe enough with the avian analogies) at the swearing in [...]

Repubblika wrote a letter to Robert Abela today

2020-01-14T14:39:34+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 14:39|

This was sent today by Repubblika to the new prime minister: Photo: REUTERS/Darrin Zammit Lupi Prime Minister, On behalf of Repubblika, I am sending you a copy of the manifesto that was adopted on Saturday 11 January 2020. This manifesto summarises what we are expecting from our Government and from public life in [...]

Memo to the prime minister: Order Keith Schembri to hand over his passwords to the police. Now.

2020-01-14T14:17:11+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 14:17|

The government of a country is not the private affair of its officials. No government official should be allowed to conduct any government business on private email accounts, off-site servers or coded messaging services that cannot be centrally decoded and administered by the appropriate government agency. In other words, no government business should be conducted [...]

Domine Dirige Nos (3)

2020-01-14T19:04:26+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 13:59|

Keith Arnaud in court today appeared to be the only one in the country not to notice that the United States government, clearly frustrated for being ignored for two years while the country is lied to by our own government saying the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder case had not yet been resolved because the FBI [...]

Domine Dirige Nos (2)

2020-01-14T13:57:59+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 13:57|

It is incredible to me how oblivious the police officers testifying in the various cases related to the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia seem to be to their responsibilities and to the consequences of their negligence. Former police commissioners are lining up in front of the inquiry into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s assassination to explain, in [...]

Domine Dirige Nos (1)

2020-01-14T13:56:35+01:00Tue, 14th Jan '20, 13:56|

In the prosecution of a criminal case it is the judge’s job to be impartial between the cops and the robbers. For us out here we’d always want to root for the cops so they put the baddies in jail and keep us safe. I am not even remotely inclined to help Yorgen Fenech or [...]

Robot Abela addresses the nation

2020-01-13T21:55:13+01:00Mon, 13th Jan '20, 21:55|

              The new prime minister kept an entire country waiting for almost an hour longer than the announced time for his inaugural “address to the nation”. Before he came on, TVM played a soft-porn rendition of the national anthem intended to remind us, as if anyone needed reminding, that [...]

The heat is on

2020-01-13T19:25:34+01:00Mon, 13th Jan '20, 16:36|

Neville Gafà is guest of honour at the swearing in ceremony of Robert Abela. It looks like the new prime minister will go out of his way to let everyone know Keith Schembri will remain right where he's been for several years now, firmly above the law. Robert Abela should disabuse himself of the impression [...]

A third memo for Robert Abela. Today you can implement the first GRECO-required reform.

2020-01-13T14:07:02+01:00Mon, 13th Jan '20, 14:07|

Joseph Muscat’s government broke with convention and had his office and the offices of his ministers employ an estimated 700 people from outside the public services in “positions of trust”. Joseph Muscat did not invent employment contracts at the pleasure of the minister for people from outside the service. I always make it a point [...]