The President should steer clear of controversies: especially changes to the Constitution

2019-03-06T13:54:12+01:00Wed, 6th Mar '19, 13:47|

The following is a statement issued today by Repubblika: Hours before the nomination of George Vella as President of Malta, we heard that his predecessor, Marie Louise Coleiro Preca, suspended the series of meetings she had been chairing of a committee made up of representatives nominated by Joseph Muscat and Adrian Delia to drive changes [...]

‘Journalistic’ concern with offensive flowers

2019-03-06T14:03:42+01:00Wed, 6th Mar '19, 11:45|

News media from around the world reported with dismay, right up to this week, the government's evil campaign of daily removal of flowers, candles and protest messages left at the Great Siege memorial opposite the law courts. Not to be outdone, the world-respected, brave, intrepid, truth-seeking, fair-minded journalists at Super One are also covering this [...]

Ali Sadr instructed staff to hide his Iranian nationality as he prepared to set up Pilatus Bank

2019-03-06T11:38:03+01:00Wed, 6th Mar '19, 11:38|

Ali Sadr Hasheminejad instructed staff to make sure his Iranian nationality and any other links to Iran were carefully concealed as he was setting up Pilatus Bank in Malta. This emerges from emails sent by Ali Sadr from his personal Gmail account that United States investigators recovered as part of their investigations in their case [...]

Controlling the future

2019-03-04T17:12:37+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 17:12|

I was reminded recently of a phrase Simon Busuttil had used once — ‘Labour-proof’ — that Labour had taken out of context and ran with as some form of sectarian divisive dogma. Of course, the intention of that phrase was to commit to what many now so often complain about when they refuse to attribute [...]

Don’t bother reading what is on the wall

2019-03-04T14:31:49+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 14:27|

The monthly opinion polls published by Malta Today, corroborated yesterday by data published by it-Torċa, continue to confirm the consistent trend in place for over a year of a 70,000 vote gap between the PL and the PN. Although in this last survey the PN gained a little bit of ground, its leader Adrian Delia [...]

RTV Slovenia: Malta, The dark face of economic growth

2019-03-04T12:06:28+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 12:06|

Slovenian National TV ran this in-depth feature by senior report Janko Petrovec on Malta over the weekend. Click here to link to the page showing the film.  The interviews in the feature are in English. An English translation of the script follows. Slovenian journalist Janko Petrovec at the Great Siege memorial in Valletta 280219 [...]

‘Classroom Containers’ supplied by sister company of Construct Furniture while directors undergo proceedings for manslaughter of 17-year-old

2019-03-04T13:23:59+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 11:46|

The company supplying the notorious classroom containers is owned by the family, members of which are undergoing proceedings for the involuntary homicide of a 17-year-old employee. The containers were supplied by a company co-owned by the owners of Construct Furniture where 17-year-old Matthew Bartolo was killed in 2015. At the inquiry after that death, the [...]

The blue cave of Mosta

2019-03-09T12:22:38+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 09:04|

An article appearing this weekend on Italian specialist football magazine tells the story of Max Leghissa, Italian national and “sports director” at Mosta FC who has managed the importation of a long series of international players at the Premier League side. Max Leghissa Max Leghissa introduces himself as an experienced football manager [...]

The bank clerk and optician’s assistant made good

2019-03-04T07:10:42+01:00Mon, 4th Mar '19, 07:10|

Matthew Caruana Galizia wrote this article on Serbian investigative journalism website Krik, warning against the tempting panacea of EU membership and the misguided idea that it could heal all wounds and fix all structural defects with relatively painless effort. He tells his Serbian readers that Malta's experience of EU membership has also been the giving [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: ‘Papers Please’

2019-03-03T08:11:55+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 08:11|

From my article of today in The Sunday Times: "This ‘legal standing’ issue has become a convenient way the government can ride roughshod over citizens’ rights. It may be inhibited by human rights law to suppress the rights of an individual, but it cannot be stopped in suppressing the rights of large numbers of people [...]

TG2 Storie: Giustizia per Daphne

2019-03-03T05:53:05+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 05:53|

TG2's weekly news magazine yesterday ran a feature by Gabriele Lo Bello marking 500 days since the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. You can watch the feature on this link. Scroll to 08:35 to start the Malta segment of the show.

Repubblika on how to reform the Constitution

2019-03-03T05:25:26+01:00Sun, 3rd Mar '19, 05:25|

Statement by Repubblika: Repubblika has submitted written recommendations to the President of Malta and the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reform on the process that should be adopted when considering and approving Constitutional changes. The recommendations include brief references to case studies of successful and failed constitutional initiatives in other countries that provide lessons that should [...]

Why this government is not European

2019-03-02T17:03:55+01:00Sat, 2nd Mar '19, 17:03|

Once again Joseph Muscat got his staff to argue with journalists, this time from El Pais, why they're justified in sweeping away candles and flowers left in protest in Valletta since Daphne Caruana Galizia's killing. "According to a spokesperson," reports El Pais, "the problem is that the candles and posters are on the monument dedicated [...]

El Pais: The toxic battle of flowers and candles

2019-03-02T16:51:33+01:00Sat, 2nd Mar '19, 16:51|

Watch this interview, one of the best of his I have seen, that Matthew Caruana Galizia gave Spanish newspaper El Pais. From the newspaper report that featured this interview: "All that European attention towards Malta, the tributes to Daphne Caruana Galizia in Strasbourg where the press room of the Parliament bears her name, contrasts [...]

Dance off

2019-02-28T11:06:12+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 11:06|

Times of Malta filed it under their “Odd News” section. But is it really that odd? Maria Efimova tweeted a short clip of herself and two other women dancing and challenging Joseph Muscat to a dance-off. “I challenge you to a dance battle,” she said. “Whoever loses, owns Egrant.” @JosephMuscat_JM, I challenge you to a [...]

500 days

2019-02-28T08:30:25+01:00Thu, 28th Feb '19, 08:30|

Statement by #Reżistenza After 500 days, the masterminds still enjoy impunity and power Five hundred days after the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia, the masterminds of her murder are still amongst us, enjoying impunity and power. No journalist has ever been murdered for a lie he said. Journalists have always been assassinated in revenge to [...]