2022-12-14T15:33:35+01:00Wed, 14th Dec '22, 10:23|

There’s a debate on after the press reported that PBS, the national broadcaster, cancelled a four-part documentary on Dom Mintoff. We don’t know much about what the documentary says but this Times of Malta report says that board directors were concerned that Nationalists wouldn’t like it. Today's Malta Today editorial (not yet available online) comments [...]

But I didn’t shoot no deputy

2022-12-14T09:08:28+01:00Wed, 14th Dec '22, 09:08|

The second most senior post in the police force is empty. It’s the job of the cop heading all centralized police units which means crimes and issues that are above the pay grade of your local beat cop. The incumbent, Alexandra Mamo, is quitting, by all accounts, in tears. No one wants her job. When [...]

Presidential chitchat

2022-12-14T08:51:12+01:00Wed, 14th Dec '22, 08:51|

I have officially given up we’ll ever have a Constitutional Convention to discuss the rules of the game. Labour promised it in 2012, ten years ago. They’ve been kicking the can for so long the people looking ridiculous now are the ones still daring to hope it would ever happen. I’m the silly bugger. Of [...]

Embassy bullying investigation

2022-12-14T07:28:26+01:00Wed, 14th Dec '22, 07:28|

An internal investigation is underway in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs over alleged misconduct by Malta’s ambassador to Ireland Giovanni Buttigieg. Female employees of the Dublin embassy have testified to an internal board to consistent bullying tactics and mismanagement by the ambassador in his running of the office. Witnesses told the board that they’ve been [...]

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