The madness of polarisation

2022-12-06T14:26:47+01:00Tue, 6th Dec '22, 14:26|

I was careful in my two posts (this one and this one) about the abortion debate not to throw myself behind either side of the argument. And yet, certainly by the time I wrote a second article criticising aspects of the line taken by the Opposition, comments came in telling me that the absence in [...]

How it could be done

2022-12-06T09:20:28+01:00Tue, 6th Dec '22, 09:20|

You will have seen reports (see here and here) of yesterday’s marathon court sitting that heard, from beginning to end, all the evidence brought by Repubblika and by the State in the case brought by Repubblika complaining its rights were breached by Nadine Lia’s refusal to recuse herself from hearing Repubblika’s complaint against the Police [...]

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