From my article in The Sunday Times:

“To say it is ironic that Abela criticises anyone else for taking time to implement the advice of ombudsmen, and of independent institutions to avoid corruption, is to suggest that we can afford to chuckle at the thought. He ignored the Venice Commission, except to the limited extent forced on his government by a Repubblika lawsuit at the European Court of Justice. He ignored the OECD and the European Commission’s repeated demand that he withdraws the dangerous and unlawful passport-selling scheme. He ignored the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life’s recommended guidelines to avoid conflicts of interest. He ignored GRECO on restricting recruitment of ‘persons of trust’. He ignored the Whistleblowing International Network on proper whistleblower-protection legislation. He ignored 16 reports by the Ombudsman on cases of government misconduct and he ignored Ombudsman reports complaining about how the government ignores the Ombudsman’s reports.

“Abela is indeed consistent.”

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