Poor sod must be starving

2023-02-16T09:01:52+01:00Thu, 16th Feb '23, 09:01|

That’s how we’d put it in Maltese. Mejjet bil-ġuħ. I criticised Robert Abela and his government for changing the law to remove the cross-party consensus requirement to appoint the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life. I called the action anti-democratic, a regression on governance standards that in this country are too low to begin with. [...]

Rule Number Five

2023-02-16T07:56:38+01:00Thu, 16th Feb '23, 07:56|

Karl Cini thinks he’s made. He knows all the five rules. He is obedient and loyal, that’s one and two. He’s a stand-up guy so he’s got honour in the bag. And he’ll be damned if he’s not proud of his work. Rule number five for the wise-guy is silence. It’s the sacred oath of [...]

Medical intimidation

2023-02-16T12:14:10+01:00Thu, 16th Feb '23, 07:16|

I want to join the chorus of support for the editor of Malta Today, Matthew Vella, who is being bullied by the owners of the Steward hospitals for doing his job as a journalist and letting us know, as best as it is possible to know, who is making money on the back of our [...]

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