Steward out

2023-02-24T13:27:37+01:00Fri, 24th Feb '23, 13:27|

If Adrian Delia has not done a useful thing in his life – and that, it should be said, is rhetorical – he has today, and in the five years leading up to today’s court decision, done the nation a great service. Even the government must secretly be grateful. But the fact that today everyone [...]

In anticipation of Women’s Day

2023-02-24T08:42:07+01:00Fri, 24th Feb '23, 08:42|

Over the last three years the government commissioned three reports following the violent and untimely deaths of three women. There was the public inquiry that followed the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia which found the state responsible for her death, allowing for a toxic state of impunity to protect senior government ministers and their criminal [...]

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