#occupyjustice: The Real Deal

2023-02-26T13:14:39+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 13:14|

The following is a statement by #occupyjustice: Today, #occupyjustice inaugurated a monument to commemorate the sole contribution to the people of Malta of the Oxley Group, Vitalis/Bluestone, Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare in collusion with the Maltese Government and its operatives. It is a representation of the only investment that was made out of [...]

Exit clauses

2023-02-26T13:11:48+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 13:11|

  There’s a lot of chatter, which I have sought to ignore, about people taking credit not due to them or refusing to give credit where it is due when talking about Friday’s massive court decisions. I think a discussion on credit is secondary to the substance of the matter and as readers of this blog [...]

Saint Christopher

2023-02-26T10:28:55+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 10:28|

Chris Fearne doesn’t want to go down in this storm. This is not just the desire for power or the fear of losing it. It is also because he is absolutely convinced he is innocent of the Steward catastrophe even if everyone else within smelling distance of the health ministry is guilty as a dog [...]

Ġakbini buying spoiled wheat

2023-02-26T09:57:34+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 09:57|

It would be amusing had the consequences not been so serious, to see Steward’s reaction to a court decision that found they extorted money that did not belong to them, they enriched themselves unlawfully at the expense of citizens, that their behaviour is worthy of condemnation, that they showed contempt for their obligations, for the [...]

Mind games

2023-02-26T08:50:44+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 08:35|

The government is in crisis. They feel the pull of gravity, the weight of Joseph Muscat around their ankles, the free fall into perdition that is in their future. They are clutching at proverbial straws and ditching metaphorical ballast. Robert Abela, Byron Camilleri, Silvio Schembri, Aaron Farrugia, Ian Borg, Clint Camilleri, Julia Farrugia Portelli, Clifton [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Great leap backwards

2023-02-26T07:51:48+01:00Sun, 26th Feb '23, 07:51|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Since the second rule of law report, the European Commission asked every year a simple question: what progress has Malta achieved in improving things since the last report? They put the question to the government and ministers make colourful presentations proclaiming bold reforms, claims peppered with “unprecedented” [...]

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