What will the bankers say?

2023-02-25T09:49:03+01:00Sat, 25th Feb '23, 09:49|

One of the elements of the complex Electrogas scandal was that the promise that the “investors” made that they would bring money into the country to invest in a new power station did not materialise. Their money partner, Gasol, went bust and yet the government didn’t fire them. Instead, the government leaned on Bank of [...]

Use it or lose it

2023-02-25T08:53:11+01:00Sat, 25th Feb '23, 08:53|

Yesterday’s court decision to reverse a concession of public land and public property to a private consortium came at the end of a judicial review process provided for in the law governing the disposal of public land. First: how can public land be given away? The answer is through one of two ways. Either Parliament [...]

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