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GUEST POST: The legacy we leave

2021-10-14T07:35:01+02:00Thu, 14th Oct '21, 07:35|

It is said that Josef Stalin once ripped all the feathers off a live chicken as a lesson to his followers. He then sat the chicken on the floor a short distance away. The chicken was suffering immensely but yet when Stalin tossed some wheat toward it, the chicken followed him around. “This is how [...]


2021-09-20T16:25:02+02:00Mon, 20th Sep '21, 16:25|

Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it. - George Santayana Those who, like me, are of a certain age will surely remember what Malta went through in the seventies and eighties under the regime run by the party then known as the Malta Labour Party. The Mintoff and Karmenu Mifsud [...]

GUEST POST: In B.E.D with Yorgen

2021-09-16T08:39:21+02:00Thu, 16th Sep '21, 08:39|

I am not referring to the MP who allegedly slept with Yorgen Fenech, the man accused of masterminding the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia. She says that’s a private matter. I beg to differ but that’s for another time. I am not even referring to a sitting minister who had, and maybe still has, a [...]

GUEST POST: You took an oath

2021-09-07T14:17:45+02:00Tue, 7th Sep '21, 14:17|

A few days ago I suggested to Joseph Muscat, shamed former prime minister, selected as the most corrupt politician of 2019 and also known as ‘Ix-Xiħ’ to disappear after his feeble attempt to become relevant again. Today I would like to invite Mr Angelo Gafà, Commissioner of Police, to come into view. It has been [...]

GUEST POST: Just disappear, won’t you?

2021-08-29T07:24:31+02:00Sun, 29th Aug '21, 07:24|

The 2019 Corrupt Politician of the Year awardee is trying to make a comeback. He had been hibernating for many a month with his spouse informing us where they were holidaying through Instagram. But Joseph Muscat is too narcissistic to stay away from centre stage and suddenly decided that after more than four years, an [...]

GUEST POST: Tolerance is a virtue

2021-08-16T08:58:48+02:00Mon, 16th Aug '21, 08:58|

December 16, 2019. Photo: Darrin Zammit Lupi A new face in politics, PN candidate Alex Borg, has declared “wholehearted condemnation” of the anti-corruption group Repubblika and the youth group Civil Society Network, describing them as “irrelevant” to his work. Dr Borg shared a Facebook poll by Civil Society Network which asked whether a [...]

GUEST POST: The hero and the villains

2021-08-02T09:07:52+02:00Mon, 2nd Aug '21, 09:07|

The state should shoulder responsibility for the assassination. It created an atmosphere of impunity, generated from the highest echelons of the administration in Castille, the tentacles of which then spread to other institutions, such as the police and regulatory authorities, leading to a collapse of the rule of law. - The Daphne Caruana Galizia Public [...]

GUEST POST: The Johnny Cash Story

2021-07-26T10:10:37+02:00Mon, 26th Jul '21, 10:10|

Silvio Zammit: …with a guaranteed proposal to lift the ban. Lobbyist: You can guarantee a lift of the ban? Is that what you said? Silvio Zammit: The proposal, the proposal, ok, and I can make you as well high-level meetings to end the rumours, and obviously these rumours will give you the guarantee that lifting [...]

GUEST POST: The trampled flower affair

2021-07-19T08:41:33+02:00Mon, 19th Jul '21, 08:41|

Flowers grow back even after they are stepped on - Rosianne Cutajar MP   Rosianne Cutajar who started as a newscaster on One TV in 2010, became Qormi’s Labour mayor in 2012 when she was 24-years old. Considered very close to the higher echelons of the then Labour leadership (led by Joseph Muscat and Keith [...]

GUEST POST: Denial is not just a river in Egypt

2021-07-01T17:15:16+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 17:15|

The title is borrowed from Mark Twain. Last Wednesday, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) published its decision to grey-list Malta, thus putting it on the same scale as Zimbabwe, Syria, Uganda and Sudan. Malta is the first member state of the European Union to be added to the money-laundering grey-list which could cause serious [...]

GUEST POST: Robert’s to do and not to do list

2021-06-28T08:18:56+02:00Mon, 28th Jun '21, 08:18|

When corruption becomes a way of life, when all are convinced that fat cats would by hook or by crook, get whatever they wanted, even if that breached laws and regulations applicable to all, if sanctioning of blatant irregularities that should normally lead to criminal prosecution and administrative penalties becomes the norm, the rule of [...]

GUEST POST: Malta, Uganda, Yemen and Zimbabwe

2021-06-24T09:20:44+02:00Thu, 24th Jun '21, 09:20|

Every country has the government it deserves – Joseph de Maistre Uganda is well-known for the grand-scale theft of public funds corruption involving public officials at all levels of society as well as widespread political patronage systems. Elite corruption in Uganda is through the benefaction system which has been aggravated by foreign aid. Aid has [...]

GUEST POST: Questions

2021-06-21T10:00:45+02:00Mon, 21st Jun '21, 10:00|

I had six honest serving men. They taught me all I knew. Their names were ‘where’ and ‘what’ and ‘when’ and ‘why’ and ‘how’ and ‘who’. - Rudyard Kipling It’s been nearly 6 months, since December 2020 when the Parliamentary Secretary for Equality Rosianne Cutajar and Charles Farrugia, one of her political aides, were exposed [...]

GUEST POST: Humour me

2021-06-16T09:45:40+02:00Wed, 16th Jun '21, 09:01|

The secret of humour is surprise. – Aristotle Prime Minister Robert Abela, interviewed on One Radio, said that the environment is one of the government’s top priorities. He said that the proof is in his government’s decision to commission a new interconnector – which according to Aaron Farrugia, our environment minister, will use hydrogen. So [...]

GUEST POST: The best in the world

2021-06-14T09:05:13+02:00Mon, 14th Jun '21, 09:04|

In 2018, former premier Joseph Muscat predicted that Malta would be the best in Europe and the envy of the world. A little more than a year later the man crowned as the most corrupt politician of 2019 resigned in disgrace under pressure from civil society. He is now a nobody living in Burmarrad with [...]

GUEST POST: They did play you, didn’t they?

2021-06-08T08:45:35+02:00Tue, 8th Jun '21, 08:45|

Joseph Muscat and Labour’s chief selling point in their aggressive and expensive election campaign of 2013 was the promise to slash utility bills. Labour presented their offer of a new face for local politics, one Konrad Mizzi, a smooth faced newcomer, gracing every press conference, every debate and every advert. He sweet-talked his way with [...]

GUEST POST: I agree with Robert Abela

2021-06-04T09:55:51+02:00Fri, 4th Jun '21, 09:55|

I fully agree with what Prime Minister Robert Abela said about the Degiorgio brothers. It is true that they are criminals and hardened ones. Nobody can deny it and the history of their alleged crimes seems never-ending. And I agree that they should not be pardoned. I also had, once before, agreed with the prime [...]


2021-05-24T09:50:02+02:00Mon, 24th May '21, 09:50|

An amnesia is a form of memory loss. Some people with amnesia have difficulty forming new memories. Others cannot recall facts or past experiences. People with amnesia usually retain the knowledge of their own identity, as well as motor skills. Mild memory loss is a normal part of ageing. Amnesia refers to the loss of [...]

GUEST POST: It’s your money, dummy

2021-05-19T07:33:21+02:00Wed, 19th May '21, 07:33|

Corruption in the form of bribery and misuse of public funds is a major obstacle to democracy and economic development in many of the world’s poor countries. - Ulla Tørnæs, Denmark’s Minister for Development Cooperation. If you take a look at social media, you would think that on this sun-kissed rock, the Almighty has sent [...]

GUEST POST: Domine Dirige Nos ?

2021-05-10T11:48:01+02:00Mon, 10th May '21, 11:48|

My brave, conscientious officers of the law, if you want people to trust you, don’t use the phrase “police are your friends”, for it only makes you sound authoritarian, egoistical and condescending – instead remind them “police are humans too” – acknowledge your mistakes and work towards correcting them so that you can truly become [...]

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