This is how former politicians who withdrew in disgrace find their way back into politics in this country.

Rosianne Cutajar announced that she is withdrawing her lawsuits against Mark Camilleri who exposed her intimate conversations and evidence of her corrupt relationship with Yorgen Fenech, the man awaiting trial for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. Now that she’s withdrawing her legal action, Mark Camilleri’s reporting stands. Which means she is implicitly admitting to the bribery, quite apart from the sex. She’s doing this because, she says, she wants to get back into politics.

In a normal place you’d clear your name and then go back to politics. Apparently Rosianne Cutajar was told by her party that she needed to make sure her name stayed besmirched before she could be let back in. They wouldn’t want to dilute the filth in the skip, now would they?

On the other front, Franco Debono said we should listen to Vladimir Putin’s side of the story. Apparently Debono watched Tucker Carson sucking Vladimir Putin’s cock and felt we should all partake. Franco Debono reassures us he still condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine but wants us to know about the mitigating factors. There are two sides of every story, he reminds us, which is how Joseph Goebbels kept his job for so long. Debono too wants to carve his way back to politics. It would seem that a little sympathy for Russia might be just the ticket he needs.

Maybe this starts another wave of the hate speech and insensitive use of medical similes malarkey. But this is what I imagine living in a madhouse would be like.