Maybe it isn’t a cult, he said, probably sarcastically

2024-03-13T13:12:19+01:00Wed, 13th Mar '24, 13:12|

The fact that there’s disagreement within the Labour Party about the return of Joseph Muscat is the best thing I’ve heard about the Labour Party in a long time. I don’t mean that in the schadenfreude sense with which some politicians of the PN delighted in the news. Nationalists must feel some relief to be [...]

At first, I thought this was meant to be funny

2024-03-13T09:57:40+01:00Wed, 13th Mar '24, 09:57|

Clint Azzopardi Flores is running for the European Parliament on the Labour Party’s ticket. He’s a banker who spent time working in Malta’s embassy in Brussels. Judging by this article of his he’s also a nutcase. By that I don’t mean he’s somehow exceptional. Though to be fair these choice quotes from his analysis of [...]

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