THE SUNDAY TIMES: Threatening the courts

2024-02-25T09:10:15+01:00Sun, 25th Feb '24, 09:10|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "Joseph Muscat thought he could saunter into a courtroom and get a judge to relieve the magistrate investigating him because he didn’t like the look of her. His case is not over yet. But his repeated attempts at shifting the goal posts in a game he’s realising [...]

GUEST POST: Ivory Towers

2024-02-25T09:07:05+01:00Sun, 25th Feb '24, 09:07|

‘Malta's hard-earned neutrality, which is a bedrock of our Constitution, was conceived first and foremost for dark times like these.’ These words can be found in an open letter sent to the Prime Minister and Home Affairs Minister in response to reports that Malta may be participating in the EU Naval Operation in the Red [...]

GUEST POST: Waiting for the Messiah

2024-02-16T06:45:20+01:00Fri, 16th Feb '24, 06:45|

 I am a baby boomer. Born in 1944, I celebrated my 79th birthday last summer. My generation has lived through civil rights movements, the Vietnam war, the Cold Wars, the fall of the Berlin wall, 9/11, and musical and cultural movements, too many to mention, that were rebellious, challenged existing traditional values, and changed the [...]

Who’s funnier?

2024-02-15T09:06:14+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '24, 09:06|

David Walliams is a funny guy. He’s a world class host, an accomplished artist and storyteller, a charismatic entertainer who, I have no doubt, is worth every penny he charges. But quite why Minister Clayton Bartolo thinks that the fact that Walliams hosted an awards show in Malta could convince a filmmaker to shoot in [...]

GUEST POST: Ego te absolvo

2024-02-15T09:04:21+01:00Thu, 15th Feb '24, 09:04|

Robert Abela has put on quite a few Edward Debono’ famed hats. He was a consultant to the world’s most corrupt prime minister, and he was the lawyer of several criminals who still adore him and spread his photo on their car bonnet. He is also an able yacht captain and navigator frequently sailing from [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: Robert Abela, the buck-passer

2024-02-11T10:13:12+01:00Sun, 11th Feb '24, 10:13|

From my article in The Sunday Times today: "I am not offended by Abela blaming the EU for his failings because I have an emotional attachment to the EU. I am worried at his behaviour because Abela is exploiting his more advantageous relationship with his electorate to undermine other institutions of our democracy. He is [...]

What you need to do to get back to politics

2024-02-09T18:14:39+01:00Fri, 9th Feb '24, 18:14|

This is how former politicians who withdrew in disgrace find their way back into politics in this country. Rosianne Cutajar announced that she is withdrawing her lawsuits against Mark Camilleri who exposed her intimate conversations and evidence of her corrupt relationship with Yorgen Fenech, the man awaiting trial for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. Now that [...]

It’s not that far, is it?

2024-02-08T09:01:41+01:00Thu, 8th Feb '24, 09:01|

Times of Malta is reporting that a Russian criminal group has claimed responsibility for the severe DDOs attack the newspaper has suffered earlier this week. The group is threatening other Maltese websites, public and private. They describe the attacks as politically motivated. They have nothing against Malta and its people they say, but they are [...]

Murder on the Malta Express

2024-02-02T08:31:48+01:00Fri, 2nd Feb '24, 08:31|

Yorgen Fenech’s trial has been delayed so that a report written by Europol investigators a few months after Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder is entered into the records of the case. The defence has the right to all evidence, even, and especially if, it exculpates the accused. This report does no such thing. It makes a [...]

Muscat bought a pink Cadillac

2024-02-02T14:01:21+01:00Fri, 2nd Feb '24, 08:10|

The Maserati is just as boorish and just as obvious as the pink coupe Johnny Roastbeef bought his wife too soon after the Lufthansa heist in Goodfellas. Johnny, are you nuts?

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