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GUEST POST: Prepare for landing

2019-09-08T08:25:02+02:00Sun, 8th Sep '19, 08:24|

This flight is like any other flight. Due to the frequent travel required by my employer, flying is an experience nearly as normal as riding in a car. The routines are the same. The speeches given by crew differ little between airlines, whether domestic or international. Yes, this flight is like any other, until it [...]

GUEST POST: Heartbroken

2019-05-20T09:48:46+02:00Mon, 20th May '19, 09:48|

The author is a Maltese-American who has contributed guest-posts to this website in the past. Malta f’qalbi, imma qalbi miksura I can only hope these words find their way to an understanding heart. It’s a tall order in today’s world it seems. Most things written or stated are viewed through a lens of preference and [...]

GUEST POST: Trump’s Malta

2019-04-30T14:04:13+02:00Tue, 30th Apr '19, 13:31|

There is a country that has a leader with an unwavering base of supporters. It would seem he can do no wrong in a surprising number of people’s eyes. It does not matter what he says or doesn’t say; it does not matter how many people close to him are accused of crimes and corruption, [...]

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