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GUEST POST: This week, join us.

2022-10-09T08:58:36+02:00Sun, 9th Oct '22, 08:58|

For the past five years we the women of Occupy Justice have campaigned hard calling for justice for Daphne Caruana Galizia and her family. Here we are on the eve of the fifth anniversary of her killing and justice remains elusive. We may be close to a trial of two of her killers and another [...]

GUEST POST: Real people. Real stories.

2022-03-29T08:11:49+02:00Tue, 29th Mar '22, 08:11|

Meet Nikita, a 10 months old boy, who travelled with his mother and two other members of their family all the way from Chernobyl. They say there is absolutely nothing left of their city. The team picked them up today from the border and brought them back to the shelter. They will be taking a [...]

GUEST POST: Coordinating efforts

2022-03-28T07:45:25+02:00Mon, 28th Mar '22, 07:45|

Another post by my wife from the Polish border with Ukraine. It only takes a few days of observation to understand that humanitarian help to millions of Ukrainian refugees here in Poland has just been a miracle. Millions have crossed the borders, and have been helped to find temporary shelters, accommodation and transport to other [...]

GUEST POST: No need to speak the language

2022-03-26T13:52:39+01:00Sat, 26th Mar '22, 13:51|

Read prior episodes of this series by my wife, Clemence, who is on the Polish border with Ukraine here, here, and here. Very early this morning, Marcin and Wojciech came back from Lviv. They returned from a mission delivering essentials including urgently needed supplies for emergency surgeries. They describe the situation in Lviv right now [...]

GUEST POST: Body bags

2022-03-25T07:38:36+01:00Fri, 25th Mar '22, 07:38|

On her third day on the Polish border with Ukraine, working as a volunteer, Clemence sent in this thought. Body bags. Unloading body bags from a van to stock for yet another trip inside war-torn Ukraine. Perhaps to my surprise I find myself developing what feel like coping mechanisms even for this situation. As we [...]

GUEST POST: This shit is real

2022-03-24T09:58:15+01:00Thu, 24th Mar '22, 09:56|

My wife, Clemence, continues her diary of her trip to the Polish border with Ukraine. Her first entry is linked here. You only need a few hours driving from place to place here to realise just how real is real. Nothing one sees on TV or reads online can give the true feeling of what [...]

GUEST POST: A journey I did not plan

2022-03-23T08:31:42+01:00Wed, 23rd Mar '22, 08:25|

When war broke out in Ukraine, I knew I could not just sit watching it on TV, soothing my conscience with a donation, feeling I had done my part. Watching millions of people trying to escape their country and crossing the border into Poland, I recalled the many stories I had heard at long family [...]

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