Meet Nikita, a 10 months old boy, who travelled with his mother and two other members of their family all the way from Chernobyl. They say there is absolutely nothing left of their city.

The team picked them up today from the border and brought them back to the shelter. They will be taking a bus tomorrow to the Netherlands.

Meet Manik, a 34 years old, professional poker player, taking care of the Liliowa 5 – Pomoc Ukrainie shelter. He suspended the comforts of his life to manage the centre together with Olga and Lukaz:

Tonight, at the hotel, we also met Shane and his friend, they came all the way from the UK, driving an ambulance, packed with emergency supplies. The ambulance will be driving into Ukraine in the next few days.

Finally, a member of the Fundacja Zmieniamy Życie has made it back to Lviv tonight. He travelled with two colleagues all the way to Kharkiv near Ukraine’s eastern border. This has been a very dangerous trip to deliver medical supplies and body bags to that hellish place.

Please have a look at these videos. You will not be able to see this footage of downtown Kharkiv anywhere else because people leaving Kharkiv are warned not to take out pictures or videos of the devastation of their town. They comply, in fear for their lives.

This is first hand testimony Marcin got a few days ago when he met people from Kharkiv on the border to drive them to Germany. They were too traumatised to drive their own car in another country. Marcin did another selfless act and decided to driver their car for them to their distant destination. He drove for 8 hours transporting 3 women, one of them very old. To come back home he rode on buses arriving at 5 am the next day.

These are real stories of real people. This is a story of a baby boy taken away from country and father because of a war. He will never be able to understand why his family deleted pictures of their destroyed home because of fear of retribution.  And this is a story of selfless people that just want to do good and fight the war, unarmed, from across the border.

These are real people and we should all be grateful to them.

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