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Crush them under tanks

2022-08-22T08:19:37+02:00Mon, 22nd Aug '22, 08:19|

There aren’t many national problems Robert Abela can be solving on his hops around the Mediterranean. Joe Giglio’s alternative recipes may have been written within driving distance of the problems they propose to solve but despite the applause they got on social media they appear about as thought through as anything Robert Abela could [...]

False gods

2022-08-19T22:29:05+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 17:59|

The case against the Marsaxlokk parish priest attracts media attention for several reasons. However secular our society becomes, we still look up to priests. When one falls, scandal is inevitable. The twist that he spent tens of thousands of euro on bespoke porn shows just where public interest lies. It is not a crime to [...]

The guilty buy time

2022-08-19T15:44:03+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 12:49|

The Degiorgio brothers have been complaining in court that the media has already tried and convicted them for killing Daphne Caruana Galizia. It was an odd complaint to make given that one of them openly and gleefully admitted killing Daphne in an interview with a journalist. “Business as usual,” he said, chuckling. Those complaints were [...]

These people vote

2022-08-19T11:35:36+02:00Fri, 19th Aug '22, 11:35|

I'm not writing this to depress you though purely for the purpose of sympathetic easing, it would help if it did. You might wonder how people behave online sometimes, how they get to support their heroes in spite of all the evidence there's nothing heroic about them, or how Labour wins elections. Lovin Malta put [...]

I asked police to investigate fraudsters asking for money pretending it’s for this website

2022-08-17T16:07:27+02:00Wed, 17th Aug '22, 16:00|

The new spoofing attack on this website that started yesterday took a sinister turn today as a spoofed copy of this website was making the rounds asking people to make donations but directing them to online payment accounts unconnected to manueldelia.com. I asked the police to add this fraudulent attempt to the investigation that started [...]

Look how far we’ve come

2022-08-17T10:25:32+02:00Wed, 17th Aug '22, 10:25|

The decision of the Junior College to allow students to complete their A level studies over a four-year period instead of two to let them combine study with earning money for families who depend on them is right. There are families who cannot make ends meet and quite simply cannot afford having their 16-year-old children [...]

Look at the M.O.

2022-08-16T15:54:00+02:00Tue, 16th Aug '22, 15:54|

I published a story this morning that annoyed Adrian Delia. He responded by calling me a liar. I published a post that showed I wasn’t lying. In the meantime, Times of Malta worked on the story separately and substantially confirmed my reporting including the fact that Joseph Muscat had tipped Adrian Delia as lawyer for [...]

By order of the king

2022-08-16T13:21:31+02:00Tue, 16th Aug '22, 13:21|

Adrian Delia read my piece of this morning. In response, such as it was, he wrote on his Facebook calling me a liar and other things. Later in the day, presumably because someone might have explained to him how I found out that Joseph Muscat had picked him to be the lawyer for the premier [...]

They have cookies on the dark side

2022-08-16T09:22:41+02:00Tue, 16th Aug '22, 09:22|

Frank Psaila is collecting iced buns like a Laburist tal-qalba. Kristy Debono now works for the agencies it was her job to shadow as an MP up to just a few months ago. Adrian Delia is now Joseph Muscat’s lawyer as the former prime minister, aided by the former leader of his former opposition, takes [...]

Joseph Muscat brings Adrian Delia back to top league football

2022-08-16T08:39:00+02:00Tue, 16th Aug '22, 08:39|

Joseph Muscat has picked Adrian Delia as one of two lawyers to negotiate with the football association on behalf of premier league clubs. Adrian Delia will be working alongside Jean Farrugia, one half of DF Advocates a firm which in the past has denied having close links to former OPM chief of staff Keith Schembri. [...]


2022-08-16T08:05:42+02:00Tue, 16th Aug '22, 08:05|

From my article in Sunday's Times: "I did a quick survey of newspapers and found that the last time the prime minister was anywhere in the presence of the media actually saying something was 63 days ago... "This is not an extended holi­day. Abela has gone underground." Read the full article here.

VIP Treatment

2022-08-09T12:39:47+02:00Tue, 9th Aug '22, 12:39|

Joseph Muscat complained the institutions are acting against his cronies under pressure from “the usual people”. By that he means the police are only prosecuting Frederick Azzopardi to make it look like they’re doing something and get people calling for justice off their back. But they don’t really mean to have Frederick Azzopardi convicted. There’s [...]

The general and his four cats

2022-08-09T09:57:05+02:00Tue, 9th Aug '22, 09:34|

Erba’ qtates they called the thousands in the streets that brought Joseph Muscat down in 2019. You’d have to wonder what they’d call the Manwel Cuschieri fan boys (and some girls) who showed up to cheer Frederick Azzopardi this morning when Manwel Cuschieri helpfully pointed him out so they could distinguish him from all the [...]

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