Perhaps I’m too anal. This is the section of the prime minister’s official website which introduces the cabinet of Ministers: (

When you scroll down, the list of ministers continues, seamlessly, to include the ministers’ parliamentary secretaries.

Shocking as it may be to the parliamentary secretaries to learn this and despite what the prime minister’s very website says, parliamentary secretaries are not members of cabinet.

The members of cabinet are listed in the Constitution which in article 79 says explicitly that it is the prime minister and ministers who are part of cabinet. Not anyone else. Robert Abela may mistake his job for the job of the secretary of the local chess club and he might think “u ija mhux xorta“. But if the prime minister is not anal about correct form in matters of the Constitution, who’s going to be?

Consider that the Constitution gives a very specific and onerous task to cabinet: “The Cabinet shall have the general direction and control of the Government of Malta and shall be collectively responsible therefor to Parliament.” The idea of giving people a share of that power when they don’t properly have the responsibility for it is no minor administrative or presentation error.

They yet again show they don’t understand the very basics.