There’s no envying Robert Abela’s balls, caught as they are in Joseph Muscat’s squeezing grip. When Muscat was prime minister the government was run by a criminal gang. Now we have the only possibly worse scenario. The government is the hostage of a criminal gang.

They finished the year removing temporary asset freezes for money launderers. That was for Joseph Muscat.

They started the year bringing Joseph Cuschieri and Rosianne Cutajar back to the government. That too is for Joseph Muscat.

And for Yorgen Fenech.

Both Cuschieri and Cutajar lost their jobs in public life because they were caught naked in bed with Yorgen Fenech. There’s a limit to which that statement is metaphorical.

There was an unbearable incoherence between the resignations in disgrace of Cuschieri and Cutajar for association with Yorgen Fenech and the liminal relationship the Labour Party kept with is former leader Joseph Muscat.

Muscat didn’t like the cold distance. Cut off from the Labour Party Muscat risks being reached by timid institutions and made to pay a price for his crimes. It was time to squeeze Robert Abela’s balls.

Abela called him “sieħbi” this Sunday, seemingly out of the blue. “My friend Joseph”.

If Cuschieri’s and Cutajar’s associations with Fenech were to be deemed unacceptable what must one say about Muscat’s? After all it was Muscat, then prime minister, who was communicating with Yorgen Fenech on the eve of his attempted escape and arrest. Metaphorically he was naked in bed with him right when the police came for him.

The only way that behaviour can be made to feel acceptable is to wipe clean the slate of all other Yorgen Fenech whores (politically speaking).

The mafia forgives itself and waits for our applause.