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Go on then, show us how corrupt football is

2022-06-22T10:45:42+02:00Wed, 22nd Jun '22, 10:45|

God knows I’m not an expert. It’s not the smartest thing to rely on vaguely informed prejudices and making judgements on poorly informed smatterings of mostly misunderstood information. Don’t come here for an analysis of the ins and outs of Maltese (or any other sort of) football. But I know Joseph Muscat. I’ve been one [...]

PODCAST: A question the government does not want asking

2022-06-22T10:13:58+02:00Wed, 22nd Jun '22, 10:13|

Manuel Delia · A Question The Government Does Not Want Asking The debate at the Public Accounts Committee on whether police chief Angelo Gafà should be called to testify in the interminable Electrogas inquiry was spine-crushingly boring. The outcome was that the government MPs over-ruled the wishes of the opposition MPs to call Gafà to [...]

THE SUNDAY TIMES: What risk to manage

2022-06-20T08:49:23+02:00Mon, 20th Jun '22, 08:49|

From my article in The Sunday Times yesterday: "Before all this started, the general mantra was that it is statistically impossible that, within all the billions of dollars that flow through Malta, there is no dirty money worthy of prosecutions and convictions in court. "The billions still flow, perhaps slightly reduced. With all the additional rules [...]

Can a judge say sorry?

2022-06-17T10:01:22+02:00Fri, 17th Jun '22, 10:01|

Apparently quite a few people were in the room when Magistrate Yana Micallef Stafrace thundered at Janice Chetcuti and called her behaviour as doing ‘worse than the worst criminal whore has ever done in my courtroom’, or words to that effect. The magistrate reported the lawyer for – the Maltese text says – “joqgħodu jitbewwsu [...]

Did you know we have a national anti-racism policy?

2022-06-16T15:21:58+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 15:21|

I didn’t have the heart to write again about Lassana Cisse today despite the last farewell by his friends at the mosque this morning. I last wrote about the man in this post when I heard his body was finally going to be put on its way back to his mother. I read the coverage [...]

Untenable position

2022-06-16T11:20:20+02:00Thu, 16th Jun '22, 11:20|

Readers familiar with this blog know that I do not presume to have a contribution to make to every controversy on the island. People familiar with me know that I’m likely to have an opinion. But I limit the opinions I write about in my blog to ones that are informed, that I’ve read about, [...]

PODCAST: Hostages in their minds

2022-06-13T19:19:50+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 19:10|

This one is just over 20 minutes long. So put your earphones on and take the time. Manuel Delia · Hostages In Their Minds I honestly don’t understand the argument about the supposed causes of the internal divisions in the PN or that it is being held hostage by Repubblika or the rest of the [...]

Stalin would be proud

2022-06-13T09:28:18+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 09:28|

Look at this headline on top of TVM’s online coverage of Graffitti’s action on Comino this weekend. “The Blue Lagoon free of umbrellas and deckchairs”. How did it get free? Why did it need to be freed? Will it still be free tomorrow? That headline is not simply incompetent journalism. It is eminently competent deceit. [...]

No fairness please. We’re Maltese.

2022-06-13T09:14:12+02:00Mon, 13th Jun '22, 09:14|

The ‘state of the nation’ was debated last week at a meeting hosted by the president. I’m just going to pick out this snippet. Freshly retired former civil service chief Mario Cutajar was reacting to remarks by other panellists about how a survey published at the conference found that 1 in 3 voters admitted visiting [...]

Joe Giglio has been in politics for too long

2022-06-11T18:06:28+02:00Sat, 11th Jun '22, 18:03|

There’s little to add to Repubblika’s reaction to Joe Giglio’s remarks on radio today. There he was dismissing “NGOs” with that tone of slimy sarcasm and aloof superiority courtroom litigators hone in, the same tone his colleague once used to speak of the disposal of a “biċċa blogger”. These people step into politics late in [...]

Solve one problem. Create another. Ignore the rest.

2022-06-10T14:56:48+02:00Fri, 10th Jun '22, 14:56|

Today the government announced the appointment of a new ‘Independent Police Complaints Board’. You’d be forgiven for not knowing it existed before the shocking scandal of how the police allowed Joseph Muscat’s buddy Iosif Galea to go on holiday with the former prime minister despite an outstanding European Arrest Warrant issued against him by the [...]

Hands off our representatives

2022-06-10T11:57:05+02:00Fri, 10th Jun '22, 11:57|

Saying this won’t make much difference, but that’s never been a reason for me not to say something. We need to stand by our public officials and elected representatives when they are assaulted, especially when they’re assaulted just for doing their job. John Pillow, the Mayor of Sliema, was assaulted and injured by a bunch [...]

UPDATED: Raphael Vassallo wins appeal on libel suit filed against this website

2022-06-10T11:42:22+02:00Fri, 10th Jun '22, 09:45|

Malta Today columnist Raphael Vassallo has been awarded today €1,000 in damages after an article that appeared on this website made reference to his writings. Raphael Vassallo sued me and lost the case in the lower court presided by Magistrate Rachel Montebello. Judge Lawrence Mintoff this morning revoked the lower court's decision. In his judgement, [...]

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