Sometimes you only spot the odd things after they’re gone. Consider this esoteric detail of small time Ħamrun politics. A Labour Councillor resigned without a formal announcement. The Council, the Labour Party, and the Councillor herself said bugger all. We came to know of her resignation because the Electoral Commission announced the election of her replacement.

That news is hardly earth shattering, even for Ħamrun.

Except that some people recognised the face in the picture of the Councillor who resigned from her work in court. She’s Cynthia Tomasuolo, lawyer. A lawyer who dabbles in politics is no rare animal. But this one is quite unique. She’s a prosecutor working in the Attorney General’s office and when she was hired, she was a Councillor elected on the Labour Party ticket.

The prosecutor’s office is supposed to be impartial and free of external influences. Waving the party’s flag is something they’re not expected to do in private, let alone in public. One can only assume Dr Tomasuolo either forgot to mention her political activities when she was being hired, or the Attorney General forgot to ask and to do a basic background check in her recruits.

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