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GUEST POST: The price of covering up the truth

2020-04-09T12:12:55+02:00Thu, 9th Apr '20, 12:12|

In spite of all the many difficulties, the hard work of the Maltese press has achieved much in the nation’s fight against corruption: the arrest and prosecution of four murder suspects in Malta, the conviction of one banker in the United States and the cancellation of his banking license in Europe, and the resignation of [...]

GUEST POST: Eurostat and the Malta Development Bank

2019-06-27T12:33:17+02:00Thu, 27th Jun '19, 11:20|

The guest writer John Christmas writes for www.lawlesslatvia.com. As the exiled whistleblower against the Latvian Proxy Network, and a Malta resident, I noticed a common source of corruption. Eurostat is a Directorate General of the European Commission, with a mission proclaimed on its website of providing ‘high quality statistics’ because ‘democratic societies do not function [...]

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