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GUEST POST: When a ‘Journalist’ JAQs

2021-11-01T10:15:50+01:00Mon, 1st Nov '21, 10:15|

Karl Stagno Navarra landed himself in lukewarm water some days ago by (among other things) relying on the chance presence of a journalist at a protest organized by Repubblika to push the narrative that that it is part of a group colluding against the Labour party. It’s lukewarm water, not hot water, because Karl Stagno [...]

GUEST POST: Disinformation Techniques #1: Just Asking Questions

2021-08-30T09:27:36+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:00|

Here’s an article by Simon Mercieca. In this article, Mercieca pretends to ask some needling questions. Is it true that Repubblika pays Manuel Delia €30,000 a year? What is Manuel Delia’s source of income? Where is Repubblika getting its finances? Is it true that Repubblika rents property from Manuel Delia’s wife? Answers to most of these [...]

GUEST POST: The responsibility of the independent media

2021-07-01T19:05:49+02:00Thu, 1st Jul '21, 19:05|

When I refer to O&N (One & Net) I refer in very broad terms to all bodies and strategies which contribute to the outward faces of Malta’s major political parties. It is no secret that O&N continually fail the electorate by undermining its capacity to make informed choices about its own future. What might be [...]

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