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GUEST POST: The Inner Sun

2021-12-09T12:32:45+01:00Thu, 9th Dec '21, 10:00|

Sitting in the typically mild Northern sunshine in Brussels, surrounded by typically grey urban buildings in an unremarkable-looking city, I got to thinking on the thirst for culture that drove me out into the wild world away from my small sunny island, whose climate I shall always sorely miss. I keep wishing that the sun [...]

GUEST POST: The Serene Siren and the Ominous Octopus

2021-11-21T20:26:22+01:00Thu, 18th Nov '21, 10:22|

I live and work in Brussels and I draw satirical cartoons on a range of subjects which I post on Facebook. Following the cyberbullying attack sparked by my cartoon depicting Michelle Muscat as a siren and Joseph Muscat as an octopus, posted on Facebook last week, a lot of people came to speak to me [...]

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