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GUEST POST: I will not settle for anything less

2019-11-24T19:08:10+01:00Sun, 24th Nov '19, 19:08|

Like you, I just want a credible and worthy government to sail Malta and Gozo out of these stormy waters. I want truth and justice. But oh, what a thorn I continue to be in the side of those who close blind eyes to wrongdoing. I have been asked many times not to divide the [...]

GUEST POST: The businessman’s friends

2019-10-08T12:16:55+02:00Tue, 8th Oct '19, 12:16|

I've been saying for quite a while now - and can dig up at least one article to prove it - that my long held suspicion regarding Daphne Caruana Galizia's killer was that it was indeed a businessman responsible. If so, there are huge and dangerous implications for politics, even if politicians were not directly [...]


2019-06-05T15:01:06+02:00Wed, 5th Jun '19, 14:35|

Timothy Alden is Deputy Leader of the Partit Demokratiku. He wrote in on World Environment Day which also happens to be the eve of the 75th anniversary of D-Day. It has been 75 years since D-Day when humanity mobilised against an inhuman ideology. 75 years down the line, who would have imagined that today we would [...]

Guest Post: In the wise man’s words

2019-01-09T14:21:57+01:00Wed, 9th Jan '19, 14:21|

Rather than write a guest post in my own words, I would much rather quote and bring to the public's attention the words of Giovanni Bonello from the preface to "Misunderstanding the Constitution". "The very last bulwarks that protect democracy, that assert the rule of law, that foster the ethics of the Constitution, when these [...]

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