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GUEST POST: Asylum seekers do not fully “belong”

2022-07-17T10:02:05+02:00Sun, 17th Jul '22, 10:02|

Some of us look upon the people fleeing to our country as cheap – often illegal – labour, others as a nuisance. Many have got used to their presence, generally in some restaurant kitchen, doing the dishes, collecting rubbish, or working – often dangerously – on some building site. Very few actually concern themselves about [...]

GUEST POST: Shopping List

2021-11-11T14:56:40+01:00Thu, 11th Nov '21, 14:56|

Some Practical suggestions for the Prime Minister about how to spend some of the National Budget: Maltese citizens do not need to travel free on buses. What we need are more buses – so that we do not have to wait twenty minutes or more for a bus to pass, usually ‘full up’. Get out [...]

GUEST POST: Hands off the public inquiry

2020-09-18T15:33:47+02:00Fri, 18th Sep '20, 15:33|

This morning, the three judges composing the Board of Inquiry into the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia took note of the vitriolic attack against them by Glenn Bedingfield and have included it in the proceedings. This is a just initiative by three persons who have been accepted by both the disgraced Joseph Muscat, on behalf [...]

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