Political calculus

2021-09-07T09:25:36+02:00Tue, 7th Sep '21, 09:25|

I’m sorry if I’m starting to sound like a stuck record but faced with repeated behaviour, the reaction will inevitably be repeated. I can hardly doubt President George Vella would really like for this country to start the healing process after the trauma of the killing of Daphne Caruana Galizia. But he’s really limiting the [...]

This, Mr President, is why people can’t do what you’re asking

2021-09-06T15:39:26+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 15:39|

Consider for a moment the reactions by the political parties to the report by the Times of Malta of a company set up by the Labour Party to camouflage donations from Yorgen Fenech as payments for “consultancy”. First, the background. So-called consultancy contracts are entry-level methods of laundering unlawful payments. They’re up there with family [...]

It takes two to tango ta

2021-09-06T11:41:15+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 11:41|

President George Vella has been making public remarks that among other things amount to chastisement for his critics for, as he puts it, spreading the “false impression” that just about everyone in public office is corrupt or somehow compromised and working on behalf of hidden interests. The president expressed sympathy with people in public office, [...]

UPDATED AGAIN: Online disinformation campaign restarts after brief reprieve

2021-09-06T12:26:46+02:00Mon, 6th Sep '21, 09:51|

Updated: Adds comments by IĠM President Matthew Xuereb. (10:36) Updated: Adds nuisance calls made to Christophe Schweiger. (12:00) Emails sent to newsrooms last night purporting to have been sent from Lovin’ Malta’s generic email account include links to a spoof image of the Lovin Malta website carrying an article aimed at discrediting Opposition MP and [...]

The entitled Edward Scicluna

2021-09-03T14:58:52+02:00Fri, 3rd Sep '21, 11:32|

There is no man so blind as he who will not see. As governor of the Central Bank, Edward Scicluna’s job is to anticipate economic trends and take the steps necessary to keep the boat afloat. He is to run the bank that banks trust. He is the guardian of the vault. When everyone else [...]

Yet another Daphne Was Right day

2021-09-02T14:15:47+02:00Thu, 2nd Sep '21, 14:15|

There’s no smugness in that remark. Perhaps there would have been if she was still alive and she would be entirely entitled to feel vindicated at last. But being proven right cannot help her now, nor her family for the loss they continue to suffer. Just a reminder that #DaphneWasRight 🌿 @occupyjusticema @Manwel_Delia pic.twitter.com/xK5ktvhRz8 — [...]

Sadr takes government to World Bank arbitration to take back Pilatus

2021-09-02T13:30:23+02:00Thu, 2nd Sep '21, 11:57|

Sayed Ali Sadr Hashemi Nejad, through his Hong Kong company Alpene Limited, has filed a complaint against Malta at the World Bank’s International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes. The complaint, filed last July, complains that Pilatus Bank was wrongfully taken away from him after he was indicted in the United States for busting [...]

UPDATED: Ten implications of the Pilatus Bank decision

2021-09-01T13:24:57+02:00Wed, 1st Sep '21, 11:27|

Updated at 13:22 The FIAU handed down to Pilatus Bank plc a record fine which is just shy of €5 million because of gross and systemic failure of preventing the bank from being used as a laundry for dirty money and or a conduit for funding terrorism. Some observations that I think are worth making. [...]

International/European Federations of Journalists join IĠM to denounce disinformation, intimidation

2021-08-31T16:25:54+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 16:25|

This statement was issued this afternoon by the International and the European Federation of Journalists. Photo by STRINGER / AFP In recent days, several Maltese journalists and media outlets have been victims of online spoofing in what appears to be a major campaign to spread disinformation and discredit those who are targeted. The International and [...]

Council of Europe platform logs alert on disinformation campaign

2021-08-31T15:16:11+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 15:16|

The Council of Europe's platform to promote the protection of journalism and safety of journalists has today logged an alert on the spoofing campaign against this website, NGO Repubblika, and news website describing it as an act having chilling effects on media freedom. The platform is coordinated with the Council of Europe's partners the European [...]

European press freedom network concerned with Malta disinformation campaign

2021-08-31T13:48:52+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 13:48|

The following statement was issued today by ARTICLE 19, the European Centre for Press and Media Freedom (ECPMF), the International Press Institute (IPI), and OBC Transeuropa (OBCT): Cartoon by Miriam Galea. The partner organisations in the Media Freedom Rapid Response (MFRR) are highly concerned about attempts to spread disinformation and discredit Maltese journalists and bloggers who write [...]

Media, civil society endorse tonight’s protest

2021-09-01T08:24:58+02:00Tue, 31st Aug '21, 09:11|

Several local media organisations and NGOs have endorsed tonight's protest in Valletta in solidarity with journalists and activists called by Repubblika, #occupyjustice, and this website for 18:30 in Castille Place. The endorsing organisations are: Newsbook, The Malta Independent, Illum, Net News, Malta Today, 4Malta.tv, Sidestreet, KSU, SOS Malta, Aditus - Accessing Rights, PEN Malta and [...]

Thus spake Robert Abela

2021-08-30T16:12:41+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 16:00|

“These acts are not only condemnable but have no place in society.” That was a categorical concluding remark by Prime Minister Robert Abela in a short statement this morning reacting to the fake emails and websites that have been circulating for a week now. That statement was something many of us have been hoping for. [...]

Fight for your right to be informed

2021-08-30T09:01:27+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:01|

I am sincerely grateful for all the messages of support, sympathy, and solidarity that I have received over the last few days. I admit I was close to buckling under the pressure. I am not immune to intimidation. I am sincerely grateful to journalists and media managers from several media houses who did not wait [...]

GUEST POST: Disinformation Techniques #1: Just Asking Questions

2021-08-30T09:27:36+02:00Mon, 30th Aug '21, 09:00|

Here’s an article by Simon Mercieca. In this article, Mercieca pretends to ask some needling questions. Is it true that Repubblika pays Manuel Delia €30,000 a year? What is Manuel Delia’s source of income? Where is Repubblika getting its finances? Is it true that Repubblika rents property from Manuel Delia’s wife? Answers to most of these [...]

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