Konrad Mizzi to sell Air Malta

2017-07-14T14:30:29+02:00Thu, 8th Jun '17, 15:14|

Ah come on! Really? After all the suspicious dealings with the sale of Enemalta; after all the fishy business with the sale of the hospitals; after all the head-scratching findings on the gas tanker acquisition: was he really the only qualified guy to flog our national airline? Is anyone out there, whether they voted Labour [...]

Is Konrad Mizzi going to be a Minister again today?

2017-07-14T14:29:36+02:00Thu, 8th Jun '17, 10:45|

The Prime Minister will be announcing his Cabinet today. There will be time to analyse his choices but there is one question we are all asking ourselves today. Is he also going to lift Konrad Mizzi on his shoulders, cheer him on as a hero, and reappoint him as Minister in his new Cabinet? Perhaps, [...]

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